Let CatalogIQ make your life easier

catalog management just got a whole lot easier, with a little help from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence

When you add a cognitive element to catalog management, you ensure that your catalog data is as accurate as it can be. By automating data validation and content generation, you’re free to focus on the strategic merchandising decisions that will amplify your category performance.

How it works (Placeholder video below)


IceCream Labs uses machine learning and visual intelligence to drive ecommerce

In just over two years, the company has leveraged the power of machine learning and visual intelligence to improve content, increase consumer engagement, improve merchandising productivity and accelerate revenues at two of the world’s biggest retailers.

IceCream Labs Launches AI-Based Solution to Maximize Catalog Data Quality Management

IceCream Labs, the leader in intelligent merchandising solutions for e-commerce providers, today unveiled CatalogIQ, an AI-based platform that leverages machine learning for unparalleled catalog data quality management.