Mission Statment

Who are we? Why did we start the group?


We are made up of engineers, computer scientists, hackers, tinkerers, and makers. We strive to create an environment where people can learn, teach, and play in the technological realm. Everyone is encouraged to come and share. We are entirely user-powered.


We have been giving presentations and labs with subjects like how to use your old cell phones as a security system, how to secure your router, how to make your own VPN, how to creating your own 3d designed object for a 3d printer, just to name a few.


We have created a Cyber-security Lab. We can show dangers of insecure projects, learn the attackers mindset to mitigate the threat, and learn how to properly create our own project.


We play with raspberry pi's in many different areas. We have set them up as media centers (using XBMC), Thin clients, Back-up Servers, Sonos like Mediaboxes, Sensor arrays, just to name a few.

Code Of Conduct

Simply Put

We have built

A safe, positive, working environment for those who are curious. Our Goal is freely share our knowledge with others. Train and mentor those who want to learn. Teaching a man to fish, and not just giving one to him.

We are Not:

Full of ourselves
Too Elite (a.k.a 1337) to learn from you

So Don't Be: