The Offiers are OSSEM members who put in extra time and personal money, to make sure things run smoothly for the Group.

Keith: President

I wanted to get a group together so that we could teach and learn with each other. It is an honor to be a part of what has been created and I'm super excited to continue the growth of the group. As of now, it is awesome what I've learned from this group and we're excited to have you as part of our group!

Joshua: Group Evangelist

I also was looking to start a group that encouraged people to be able to learn something new with TECHNOLOGY and have a lab to play with it. After DEFCON20 Keith called me up and We found we where trying to do the same thing! We joined forces and the rest is History.

Mike: Maker

I love building and/or modifying things, often bringing more enthusiasm than good sense to the task. I also suffer from H.A.S. (Hardware Acquisition Syndrome)

OSSEM Membership

While it is Free to attend OSSEM Meetings,

We will encourage you to become a member.

What do you get with the membership?

The First Thing

It's $35 a year
$5 of your membership is for overhead, You choose which Group Projects to put $30 into.
Raspberry Pi NFC Badge Reader
Our Own 3-D Printer
C'N'C router
Arduino Robots
Just to name a few

The Second Thing

Have Access to:
The Lab
The Lab Library Tools we have in the Hackerspace

The Third Thing

An OSSEM VPN Certificate

The Fourth Thing

A personal account on our OSSEM Digital Ocean Droplet